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More Than Height

Information, tools and resources for parents to help them better understand their child’s growth and development, which are important indicators of their overall health and wellbeing.
Patient perspectives

Living with a growth disorder can cause a lot of emotional distress, just like the path to diagnosis can be challenging and long. Get a firsthand insight from patients and their families about what it means to live with a growth disorder.

For people living with a rare disease, the lack of awareness and treatment options can make the entire experience extremely challenging and uncertain. Though each rare disease is complex and challenging to diagnose and manage, they do share many commonalities.

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We hope to see you at ENDO 2024, the annual meeting in Endocrinology, from 1-4 June 2024 in Boston, USA.


We’re Aiming Higher to Meet Your Expectations.
About Sogroya®

Sogroya® is a once-weekly growth hormone therapy for your paediatric patients with growth hormone deficiency.1


Sogroya® Summary of Product Characteristics. 2022:1-92.