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ECO 2024

12-15 May 2024

Venice, Italy

On-site and virtual

ESC 2024

30 August - 2 September 2024
London, United Kingdom
On-site and virtual
EASD 2024

10-13 September 2024
Madrid, Spain
On-site and virtual
Obesity week 2024

3-6 November 2024

San Antonio, USA



16-18 November 2024

Chicago, USA


764 million people are living with obesity around the world. Obesity is a complex chronic disease which has become increasingly recognized by scientific experts and treated by medical experts.

As a healthcare professional, obesity conferences are some of the best ways to be up-to-date on this growing disease area. It also provides great opportunities to network with obesity specialist, endocrinologist, gynaecologist, primary care physician, bariatricians and other obesity professionals in this field. Through the events we have presented in CongressHub, you can experience news and innovations for the diagnosis and latest treatment of obesity.

Today we know that obesity is a serious chronic disease, not simply a matter of effort.

Novo Nordisk is committed to driving change in how the world sees, prevents and treats obesity. As leaders within the science of obesity, we are working to make obesity a healthcare priority, defeat stigma and support better access to evidence-based care. And through participation at various European and international congresses on obesity, we hope to do just that. At these obesity events, we present our groundbreaking innovations, products, and science. We want to engage with healthcare professionals and provide support for their clinical practice and patients' needs. By sharing knowledge and insights, we hope we can improve the lives of people living with obesity together.

Defeating obesity and other serious chronic diseases is not something we at Novo Nordisk can do alone. In our research, development, production and commercial operations, we work with partners who complement our own expertise.
We are always on the lookout for new opportunities with people and organizations who are interested in collaborating to change patients’ lives, together.

And so, Novo Nordisk has been a fixture at European and international conferences and congresses on obesity to help accelerate scientific discovery and innovation in mutual areas of interest.

Rethink Obesity

Connecting medical professionals to the tools they need to manage obesity effectively.
ACTION teens

ACTION teens

ACTION teens is a global, cross-sectional survey aimed at identifying perceptions, attitudes, behaviours, and barriers to effective obesity care among teens living with obesity, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Findings from this groundbreaking study reveal a significant misalignment between these three groups and demonstrate the urgent need for better information and communication across the board. The study also supports a need for improved HCP training, to help treat and prevent obesity in young people.1


Halford JCG, et al. Misalignment among adolescents living with obesity, caregivers, and healthcare professionals: ACTION Teens global survey study. Pediatric Obesity.2022;17:e12957. Available at: Last accessed September 2023.