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Emma thumbnail

Emma - Severe postpartum haemorrhage20

Age: 27 years old


Patient characteristics:

Maternal age of 27, BMI 24, first pregnancy, no thrombosis risk factors, haemostatically stable.

Josephine thumbnail

Josephine - Glanzmann's thrombasthenia


Age: 15 years old


Patient characteristics:

Diagnosed with GT at age of 12 after presenting with HMB, fatigue and dizziness, Lives in a remote location, 45 minutes from HTC, and both parents work full time, still missing 2 days of school per month on average due to HMB.


Past medical history:

Iron-deficiency anaemia

Rachel thumbnail

Rachel - Unexplained bruising after giving birth


Age: 33 years old


Diagnosed with AH


Patient characteristics:

BMI of 23, diagnosed with AH when she presented with fatigue and bruising on her limbs and abdomen 10 weeks after the birth of her first child, diagnosis made with prolonged aPTT and normal PT

Jacques thumbnail

Jacques - Breakthrough bleeding despite sub-cutaneous emicizumab


Age: 25 years old


Patient characteristics:

Switched from pd-aPCC to emicizumab recently, living more actively with higher impact sport, experienced two breakthrough bleeds in the past year. After a long hike, currently experiencing tingling and heat in a knee that was formerly a target joint.

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