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People living with diabetes can have different goals, expectations and social determinants for their care, emphasising the importance of personalised treatment goals and strategies to enhance diabetes management and quality of life.


Our goal is to inspire, educate, and empower all people affected by diabetes, and to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Join us on our journey towards driving change in diabetes!

Team Novo Nordisk engages with patients, medical associations and policy makers to raise awareness about what is possible for people living with diabetes when we provide access to the best treatment. At the same time, we advocate for continued innovation to resolve unmet needs.


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Scientific innovation has unlocked significant improvements in the treatment and care of diabetes since the discovery of insulin. Thanks to continued innovation, new treatment options have reduced the risk of hypoglycaemia, improved convenience and simplified the burden of injections.


However, significant unmet needs remain, as 50% of those with diabetes don't meet treatment targets1, and 83% of people with type 1 diabetes experience at least one hypoglycemic event each month2. That’s why a continued effort and investment in research is needed to deliver solutions that can ensure optimal blood glucose control to reduce the risk of short- and long-term complications, reduce the daily burden of treatment and ultimately find a cure for diabetes.

Based on 10 years of learnings from the pro cyclists, a team of specialists have fine-tuned a holistic approach to ensure peak performance whilst maintaining good health. The guide is a tool for anyone who wants to pursue an endurance sport and use strategies and approaches to improve performance by committing to better understanding their own body’s response.

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Discover tasty, diabetes-friendly recipes perfect for athletes and anyone looking for healthy meals. Share these recipes with your patients to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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