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Dose Check's dosing guidance is designed to simplify starting and titrating a new basal insulin.1,2 And supporting patients in using Dose Check and self-titrating, so they are on the right dose, may prevent long-term health complications.3, 5-8

Dose Check is a software developed to assist healthcare professionals and patients in the process of titration for selected Novo Nordisk insulins with the follow-up of the responsible healthcare professional. Dose Check does not make any type of diagnosis. It does not substitute the professional medical advice given by doctors, physicians or diabetes care teams.

Any healthcare professional can register free of charge through the Dose Check Dashboard in countries where Dose Check is available. You can access the Dose Check Dashboard via your PC or mobile phone browser.

Dose Check provides guidance for selected Novo Nordisk insulins. Please contact your local Novo Nordisk representative for more information.

Please contact your Novo Nordisk representative to ask if Dose Check is available in your respective country. Healthcare professionals need to register with Dose Check to gain access to the Dose Check Dashboard to set up patients and initiate use.

Novo Nordisk will not have access to data that enables identification of patients registered with Dose Check. All data that may identify a patient such as name, telephone number or date of birth is stored only by the legal manufacturer Amalgam and is not transferred to Novo Nordisk or any third party. For more information about data protection and data privacy, refer to the Dose Check Privacy Policy.

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With our digital therapeutic technologies and device innovations, we aim to improve the health and well-being of people living with diabetes around the world.
Smart pens. Smarter Care

The smart insulin pens NovoPen® 6 & NovoPen Echo® Plus are designed to improve insulin dose recording. This may help HCPs to have informed discussions with diabetes patients based on individual injection data.11-13
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Get to know the ecosystem of Novo Nordisk’s digital health partners.


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